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with Tam, Dr Matt + JP

APRIL 2024

A physical, mental and emotional transformational experience like never before.


To meet consistent days of adversity, and be guided through the energetic blockages holding participants back from performing at their Peak (pun intended) and achieving next-level success while simultaneously trekking to the base camp of the World’s Tallest and most recognisable Mountain in a once-in-a-lifetime, culturally immersive, self-discovery deep dive in the Majestic Himalayas.

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Tammy Payne

With over 20 years of experience in leading individuals and teams across diverse and dynamic industries and demographics, I am the founder and managing director of EXTREME RETREATS; a company that curates unique experiences that encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and into challenge and growth so they can achieve their Peak Performance.


Leading people across a variety of sectors from luxury to building to athletic, I have experience in creating success and growth mindsets, athlete development, cultivating business acumen, encouraging lateral thinking, critical incident management and human behavior.


As a peak performance coach, a people leader, and a speaker, I help people find their self-belief and facilitate the pathways to get to their next level in life and business; to become the men and women they truly want to be, and are entirely capable of. I collaborate with renowned practitioners to create unforgettable, transformational experiences that elevate and enrich not only the lives of our participants and their direct reports post-event, but also our host communities and environment with a percentage of all of our profits dedicated to their protection and development.


I am passionate about inspiring the mind, igniting the soul, challenging the body, and setting the heart on fire. All underpinned by my values of Family, Joy, Curiosity, Integrity, Passion and Creativity which shine through everything I do and everyone I am lucky enough to work with.


  • I’ve managed multi-million dollar businesses and teams of 15 - 250

  • Launched and successful run my own creative interior design and property staging company

  • Coached and Trained teams of employees and Managers for improved communication, personality profiling and performance management for improved performances

  • Mentor to athletes, business people and surf life savers (official mentor of SLSA Women's Mentoring Program)

  • Heavily involved in Surf Life Saving Australia including training programs, youth development and 1 of only a handful of high level Waver Runner Operators, on the Emergency Response Team, that collaborate and provide support to QLD Water Police at large scale events, BEach/Ocean/Still Water Search and Rescue and crisis events.

  • Generally adventurous! Hiking, Scuba Diving, Running, Motorbikes, Racing SLS Inflatable Rescue Boats at National Level and whatever else gets me outdoors to into life!

  • Having 3 kiddos of our own, family time is a big value of mine and Justin (my amazing Husband of 19 years) so they do most of this stuff with us, or are training to follow in our footsteps :)


Dr Matthys Leroux
(Dr Matt)

Functional Medicine Practitioner and current, practicing Chiropractor that spans continents and diverse cultures with a previous life as a Personal Trainer means that Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and multi-faceted experience to the team that will be beneficial both in the lead-up and during the trek.


Dr. Matt le Roux is a dedicated functional medicine practitioner committed to enhancing patient lives. He consistently drives his patients towards optimal health and well-being by prioritising a holistic and individualised healthcare approach.

His personal health journey, navigating health challenges and finding solace in functional medicine ignited his passion for the field. This transformative experience paved the way for his career, driven by a desire to bring similar healing and vitality to others.

  • Patient-Centred Approach: He listens intently to each patient's unique needs and crafts individualised treatment plans, focusing on the root causes of symptoms.

  • • Systematic Diagnosis: Dr. le Roux meticulously examines potential imbalances in the body's systems and lifestyle factors, such as nutrition and stress management.

  • Continuous Learning: A fervent believer in staying abreast of the latest in functional medicine, he regularly attends conferences and workshops, ensuring his patients benefit from cutting-edge, evidence-based care.


His compassionate and comprehensive methodology has garnered the respect and gratitude of many, with countless testimonies attesting to significant health improvements under his care.

Jaleel Pererwa (JP)

In the self-development industry, JP has assisted hundreds of personal breakthroughs as a breathwork leader, public speaker, large scale event coordinator and retreat facilitator with renowned Quantum Leader Dr Espen Hjambley.


- **Personal Breakthroughs**: Designed events that catalyse breakthroughs, addressing primary emotional blockages like fear, guilt, shame, grief, and beyond.

- **Breathwork Leadership**: Proficient in holding space and conducting breathwork sessions for sizable events, encompassing up to 300 attendees.

- **Diverse Event Formats**: Conducted a variety of programs, from one-day events, three-day events, to online courses, serving 100 to 300 participants.

- **Public Speaking**: Commanded stages with an audience surpassing 3,000 over the course of my speaking career.

- **Retreat Facilitation**: Spearheaded week-long business retreats that harmoniously blend spiritual practices with pragmatic business strategies, aiding participants in launching or redefining their businesses.

- **Life Coaching**: Led impactful 4-month online life coaching courses that have transformed lives.

- **Holistic Healing**: Offered 1-on-1 hypnotherapy and ceremonial sessions, integrating breathwork meditation and more, to effectively remove mental and energetic blockages.

- **Operational Efficiency**: Entrusted with ensuring punctual event proceedings while adeptly managing a dedicated event crew.


Justin Payne

Current, active, APRA registered (Australian Governing Medical Body) Critical Acute Care Paramedic with over 18 years experience in emergency response, patient care, natural disaster and mass cas incident management, casualty triage and transport, command post, inter-agency collaboration and leading teams both in his professional field as well as in the community through volunteer Surf Life Saving.


As Director of Life Saving for one of the biggest clubs in QLD, Justin is responsible for overseeing all lifesaving, surf sports, powercraft and nipper programs through the club, liaising with internal and external stakeholders to provide best practice and outcomes for all involved.


Personally holds Bronze Medallion, Silver Medallion, Rescue Water Craft, multiple Vehicle and Trainer and Assessor awards. He is the perfect person to have on the team to ensure everything runs smoothly, logistically, liaising with our partner operators and emergency services where need be to keep all participants and team safe, and on track at all times.    


This experience looks at the Human and human Behavior. Getting the Human functioning smoother, better, stronger, more freely (with less internal resistance) so the rest will fall into place when participants return to their work and home lives. 


A reset and unpack of the daily rut while in a physically, mentally and emotionally challenging (but also amazing) environment to produce perspective, clarity and capacity, allowing them to flick the switch to full ignition, ON! 

Want to be firing on all cylinders? Let me help you get there!

  • This is for go-getter individuals who are already achieving a level of success, go after what they want in life, enjoy a challenge, don’t mind putting in the work, like a good Return on Investment (of money and time) and want to get more out of themselves, their life and/or their business. 

  • They’d like to get to know a little more of themselves  and who they are right now, to better reach who they are focussed on the person they are wanting to become.

  • They enjoy being in the company of other high functioning individuals who tackle similar frustrations and maintain a similar work ethic and similar traits to them. Challenging themselves, unlocking more of their own potential, having a good time and sporting bragging rights of having been to Everest Base Camp is what gets this participant going. 

  • These people are likely high earners, inherently athletic or competitive in nature, rely heavily on their masculine energy of logic, reason and a get-it-done attitude. They have both the disposable income and flexibility in their role that they can step away from their business for the duration of this retreat however it is still a big investment (of time and attention) for them. They will likely struggle not being connected constantly to their people, business and family. But ultimately they will enjoy that the decision is out of their hands due to service coverage and benefit from not being constantly contactable as the problem-solver and decision maker for everyone on the ground. 

  • Looking for an adventure worth their taking


  • Connection: A tribe they can lean into after the event personally and professionally


  • Awareness: An understanding of the energy blocks and traits that show up as a response to past trauma, how it currently impacts their daily life and useful strategies to identify and work through these during and long after the retreat.


  • Self-Belief: A renewed sense of self having worked through such physically, mentally and emotionally challenging conditions, arriving victorious. Confident that if they can achieve this, surely they can achieve anything!


  • A unique opportunity to see how they act in the face of adversity; do they rise to a challenge, or struggle to remain motivated. Are they driven internally, by discipline and commitment to the process or affected by external factors and superficial motivators? Do they try to go it alone, put on a facade and persevere or show vulnerability, share with and learn from others, leaning into the group and the process. Do they ask for help from their peers, give help to others, are they capable of receiving praise and guidance? Do they lift others up and encourage them or get frustrated witnessing others succeed while they battle through their personal, tough moments (and vice versa). And ultimately get to ask themselves - in light of this, is this who they thought they would be in this situation? And most importantly, is this who they truly want to be or have they identified areas for further attention and growth? 


  • Lastly, a sense of incredible accomplishment, reflection, perspective and peace having stood at the face of one of the highest points on Earth; a land and a people steeped in history, culture, and the natural dichotomy of triumph and devastation that has shaped the landscape of this harsh but breath-taking region. A sentiment reflected in the equal importance of masculine and feminine (hard and soft) skills required to perform at their peak and their new-found ability to view and embrace the challenges and set-backs in life and business actually to growth and as fast-tracks to further success. Shaping their unique strengths and abilities as individuals just as the seasons, weather events, natural disasters, cultural landmarks and historical events have shaped that of the Himalayas. 

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*chi gong and breathwork in the morning - 4-8hrs trekking - stretch, meditate, reflect and discuss at night).

Day 1

Meet and Greet - set the intention of the experience

Day 3

Sacral Chakra - Mental and Emotional State

Day 5

Heart Chakra - Relationships

Day 7

Third Eye Chakra - Career and Vocation

Day 9

Soul Star Chakra - Time and Presence

Day 2

Root Chakra - Physical Health 

Day 4

Solar Plexus Chakra - Financial

Day 6

Throat Chakra - Personal Development

Day 8

Crown Chakra - Spiritual Fulfillment and Purpose

Day 10

Celebration of our journey and new connections



 To get you from desk to Everestin9 90days! Your workout regime to get you in the best shape to
ensure you get them out of, and enoy, your Everest experience.


 To get you from desk to Everestin9 90days! Your workout regime to get you in the best shape to
ensure you get them out of, and enoy, your Everest experience.


 To get you from desk to Everestin9 90days! Your workout regime to get you in the best shape to
ensure you get them out of, and enoy, your Everest experience.

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We know you are! You’re here on this page for a reason — your inner self is calling to you.


We’re so excited to receive you and support you on your path to radical transformation.


Space is limited so we can have an intimate group, so reserve your spot now!


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