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A life-altering adventure designed exclusively for high achievers and top performers seeking a profound transformational experience amidst the majestic surroundings of Mt. Everest.


Embark on a preparatory journey and a 10-day trek to Everest Base Camp, where you'll ignite your body, mind, and spirit, re-IGNITING the fire within and unlocking your full potential.

APRIL 2025

Welcome to

An Elite-Level Retreat


This elite level Retreat encompasses a lead up program and culminating experience that focuses on a holistic approach to personal growth, combining physical challenge with introspection and spiritual practice, along with a personalized gut health analysis and tailored rebalancing plan to help you live and achieve at your absolute best.


We create the space, then give you the tools to uncover the best version of YOU this year, so you can go back to the real world and Smash it!

The lead up program is where you meet our facilitators who will guide you through your journey.


Dr Matt, well-known Functional Health Practitioner will discuss your health goals, run gut tests and create a tailored health plan specifically designed with your end-goals in mind.


Public Speaker, power coach and Quantum facilitator, JP will teach different modalities to harness your energetic shift; reduce and refocus stress for more effective outcomes, reinvigorate and revitalize your body and mind, awaken your senses, and help you determine your intuitive leadership style. Stress reduction, libido enhancement, mental clarity, purpose discovery and value alignment are just some of the benefits of going all-in with JPs experience and training.


And Tam Payne will make sure you're ready for the ultimate challenge, physically trekking an average of 6 hours a day over 10 days at altitudes that see oxygen levels drop and exertion levels rise to that unlikely felt by most, if it's their first time on the mountain.  Do-able? Absolutely! Especially if you have a moderate level of fitness already, however, your pre-experience training program  "Desk to Base Camp  in under 90 days" will ensure you're ready to get the most out of every day on the mountain; bringing together all the skills, disciplines and resilience you've been working on in the lead up. 

The aim: truly enjoy the experience, focus on the deep-dive and unlock your next level!

The trek: each day, we delve into a different chakra, understanding, releasing and harnessing energetic shifts throughout our journey. We utilize various preparation modalities from your training, like breathwork, hypno, meditation, and stretch/flex sessions in the morning, to set our intentions for the day ahead and set the tone.

Trekking through breathtaking landscapes, we take in our surrounds, cultivate mental resilience and contemplate personal and professional frustrations, challenges, hurdles and possibilities. At day's end, we gather to share our insights, connect with each other and locals, express gratitude and rejuvenate, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

By the end of the retreat, participants will feel reenergized and champing at the bit to get back home and into it!


Ready to tackle current goals head on and perhaps event create new ones with fresh ideas, raw vigor, renewed self-belief and a new perspective.

This isn't just a unique travel experience it's an unbelievable, beautiful and transformative journey both internally and externally that creates an immediate and lasting impact on your life, your work and your loved ones. Are you ready to step up? Are you ready for results like that?


Let's get after it!

Extraordinary Experiences

Everest IGNITED takes you to the base of the highest peak on Earth in a physical, mental and spiritual challenge that draws on all of your capability, will-power and determination...then with the help of our facilitators, who will be with you every step of the way - unlocking even more in you than you ever though possible!

Your journey begins in Kathmandu, staying in one of the most prestigious properties in the city before embarking on an adventure of a lifetime.  Spend 10 days trekking through villages, greeting locals, making way for Yak trains across suspension bridges, laughing school children playing around you at unbelievable altitudes and sharing daily experiences with other trekkers in local teahouses each night, before arriving at 5,364m above Sea Level - a bustling Everest Base Camp during peak climbing season.


All the prospective summit teams are in camp and preparing for their first attempt while some take a well-earned rest pause before their next. Marvel at the gear, the teams and the mindset of these hopeful mountaineers as they rally for the remaining 3,485m treacherous climb to the 8,849m peak.


Spend the last morning heading higher than Base Camp, to Kala Patthar summit at 5,644m for one last spectacular view of Mt Everest before your private helicopter takes you back to Kathmandu in style (reducing your round trip trek time by 5 days). Take in the sights of all you have accomplished over your 10 day journey; a breathtaking birds eye view that not many trekkers get to experience. 


Our trekking partners have years of experience and hundreds of hours personally trekking and guiding in this region, offering extraordinary local knowledge and unparalleled opportunities to engage with the local community and immerse yourself in this rugged and beautiful environment. As privileged guests, we'll see private homes, ancient temples, and significant cultural, economic, and spiritual sites on our journey.


These exclusive encounters provide a genuine connection with the local people and a chance to give back directly to the communities that warmly host us. Opportunities that enrich an already unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

An Holistic Approach


Vitality Awakening

Comprehensive Gut Health Analysis

Personalized Nutritional, Supplement and Lifestyle Plan

More energy and stamina, strengthened immune system


Mental Resilience

Test your Physical and Mental Limits

Unlock your Full Potential

"From Desk to Everest in Under 90 Days" Fitness Program

Image by Greg Rakozy


Uncover your true Passion and Purpose

Stress Manipulation Strategies

Spiritual Connection

Release the Blocks Holding you Back

Are you looking for MORE?

More from yourself?         

More from your career?     

More from your relationships?

Then this is for you!

This is for you if you want to:

  1. Strengthen your physical endurance.

  2. Develop mental resilience and clarity.

  3. Discover the power of energy centers and take control of your mindset.

  4. Cultivate a renewed sense of purpose and passion in both your personal AND professional life.

  5. Gain a deep appreciation for the local culture and contribute to their economic well-being.

  6. Forge lasting connections with like-minded, high performing individuals who share your drive for success and growth. Essentially, people like you who love life, love kicking goals and have a GET IN AND GET IT DONE attitude!

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Our retreats are limited and exclusive

ensuring an intimate and transformative experience for all participants in a safe space.


To secure your place, sign up today and take the first step towards your extraordinary transformation.

NB: This is not your average travel package; you will NOT find this kind of offering on any website or through any travel agent. It is a profound personal transformation and mindset challenge set amidst one of the most epic destinations on the globe, entwined with authentic interactions and support for the local communities that embrace us. 


"What's Next"


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